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About XML Sitemap Generator

As a SEO manager, you want to show results to website owners with their web pages ranking high on the search engine result pages. 

Every SEO team wants to rank high for their search queries.

But for the web page to get listed and in the end rank, engines like Google might frequently need to crawl your web page. They do that to offer the maximum up to date content material to the users in search results. The search bots might crawl a website more than one instance in a day, particularly in case you put up new articles at some point of the day just like the case is with information sites. The crawling is normally algorithmic, that means a computer based algorithm decides how frequently bots will crawl the website. More the search engine engine bots crawl the web page, the greater the chances of your content indexing. This in the long run ends in greater of your pages displaying up for queries and through extension greater natural site visitors trooping into your web page. However, to get your web page to get crawled everytime and regularly because it is seen as a good practice. And it's referred to as Sitemap.

What does XML Sitemap mean?

XML is an acronym for Extensible Markup Language (XML). It is a general machine-readable record format, consumable through search engine result pages and different data-munching applications. A Sitemap XML is a file that enables Google and different foremost search engines like bing, duckduckgo, etc recognize your internet site at the same time as crawling it effectively. It essentially lists the URLs (pages) of a website in a dependent way which permits the webmaster to accomodate more information about the URLs. The information can be: 
Recent updation of the web page

  • How regularly it changes
  • How it pertains to different URLs within the site
  • Its stage of significance to the general site, etc.

How to use SEO Gyans’ XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator is an efficient tool and can be used without much hassle. Here are the steps for using the tool:

  • Enter the website URL in the generator section. 
  • Set parameters according to your standard and set settings like frequency, dates, etc. 
  • Next, click the button that says - “Generate Sitemap”
  • After completion of the analysis, it will show the broken link list, no.of pages, file content, and sitemap link. 
  • Download the file in xml format.
  • Add the xml file in the root directory of the site. If you have multiple sitemaps, take the zip format of the file and upload it to the base directory after unzipping the file. 
  • As a further step, visit your Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) account and upload your sitemap URL. Like said earlier, our tool additionally helps different fundamental engines like duckduckgo, bing, etc other than Google. So in case you are a Bing person, you'll simply visit your Bing Webmaster Tools account to feature it.

Submitting your XML report to the engines like google (through Google Search Console for Google) is a way to confirm it. Just make certain that the Sitemap is in the best layout and has been nicely uploaded on your webserver earlier than you try to confirm it. If your internet site is new, filing your Sitemap to Google pushes the quest engine to find out and index your web website online earlier than they might have observed it on their own.