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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting tool is an intelligent way of changing your dynamic URL into a static one. A static URL helps in the optimization of your website. Since search engines like Google prefer well-optimized websites, website owners need to make them SEO-friendly. Website owners need to focus on minute details like URLs to increase their ranking on search engines. Using long and dynamic URLs can make a significant impact on your website performance. If you are using a long and dynamic URL for your site, it is time to change it using seogyans.com.

What are dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long URLs that include characters like #, $, *, etc. They change from time to time by affecting your SEO performance.

What are static URLs?

The static URLs are comparatively shorter than the dynamic ones. It does not change from time to time. SEO experts use these static URLs as these are easy to rank on search engines and helps in bookmarking the websites conveniently.

Make sure that all the pages on your website are sowing static URLs. If some pages on your website still have dynamic URLs, it is time to change them into static ones.

What is the need for a URL rewriting tool?

As you get familiar with the URL rewriting tool, now you must be thinking about why you need it? How does it optimize your website? A URL rewriter is required to turn your dynamic URL into a short and static URL. A short and static URL helps in bookmarking and indexing your website efficiently. It also helps add keywords to the URL to make your content visible to the search engine crawlers easily.

When a user searched for something on the internet, the search engines crawlers will find your website using the keywords you have added to the URL. This helps search engine crawlers to find your content efficiently, thus improving the search engine optimization of your website. If you have a long and dynamic URL, the search engine crawlers will take a lot of time to understand the URL to show them into the user's results.

 How to use the URL rewriting tools

Using the URL rewriting tool is very easy on seogyans.com:

  • Open your web browser and type seogyans.com
  • The website will open on your screen, and you will find a URL rewriting tool icon on the website.
  • Click on the URL rewriting tool and copy your long and dynamic URL along with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • Press the rewrite URL button.
  • You will get your static URL within seconds.
  • Now you can copy and paste this static URL to your website.
  • If your website already has a static URL, then the above process will not get executed. Instead, an error message will pop stating that the URL you have entered is already in a static form. Follow the complete process mentioned above to optimize your website using a static URL.