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About Word Counter

Word count is of essence today. Anyone from writers to general conversation makers, all are known to keep a check on the count. There are character limits/word limits on social media platforms. You are most probably always under the scanner for count limits irrespective of the idea you know or not. 
Let’s look into some of the known constraints of word counts in various channels:

  • Some experts say your blog post should have around 1800 words to be ranked on the first search page of Google. However, we can ensure that to rank on the first page, good content and strong SEO tactics are both equally important. 
  • Facebook only lets posts upto 63206 characters, anything beyond that is not posted. And as for comments, the limit is upto eight thousand characters. 
  • Instagram has thirty number limits for hashtags. Only 2200 characters are allowed for instagram captions.
  • Twitter earlier had the tweet limit set to 180 characters which was then changed to 280 characters later. 

Does this drive home the point that word count is actually a factor in content building and promoting?
We believe, YES!
You have to always keep the content with word limits to ensure you are following the basic requirements. To achieve this, you would require a word counter tool. Before we start with the tool, just know that a word counter does not only count the characters for the social media posting but does much more than that. 

Why should you use Word Counter?

The simple answer would be - it’s difficult to count the words manually for your content. Before you even finish counting the fourth line, you’d have give up because doing the counting manually for words is tiring and it won’t be stretch to say that it is stupid to do so when we have word counter tools available. 
Word Counter
Word Counter is for you to find and count the characters of your content. It is for you to easily be able to count the character of the content. You can use the word counter for analyzing the content. It is made to give accurate results for all kinds of content. 

How does Word Counter Work?

Word Counter is easy to use and has a hands-on interface. All you have to do is visit the webpage and paste the text in the text box and the word counter tool will do the rest. Once the content is pasted in the text box then the tool scans the content and gives the result. 
You can upload from your system storage or cloud storage.