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About URL Encoder / Decoder

About URL Encoder/Decoder

URL encoder/decoder is an excellent tool for those who want to add several strings and characters to their URL. URL encoding, also known as percentage encoding, is a useful concept as it allows web owners and experts to add special characters to the URL.

How does this tool work?

Using our tool requires no particular skillsets and expertise. You need to follow a two-step process to encode your URL. First, you need to replace the unnecessary string of characters in a percentage (%) sign and adding two hexadecimal values in the same manner. Out tool will begin to process to request as soon as you enter the text string or the query string to the blank space on the tool. As soon as you click on the submit icon, our tool will start processing your request and instantly provide the results. No need to waste your time on the long process of encoding and decoding URLs. Instead, use our URL encoder/decoder to get instant results.

Our encoding/decoding tool will process into two steps: encoding character strings into a sequence of bytes and converting the byte, which is not ASCII letters, into hexadecimal byte values.

What do the reserved characters mean?

In common words, reserved characters contain special meaning in the computer language. Our URL encoding helps to maintain the reserved characters in their unique character sequence. It means if a reserved character includes a special meaning, the URL encoding will help in emphasizing their special significance on the URL. Use our URL encoder/decoder to make your URL more relevant to the internet. Use our tool for free, and there is no limit on the number of free uses on our website. This is a quick and convenient tool by seogyans that does not require any coding skill and expertise to use the tool. Almost anyone can use this tool to fulfill their requirements. This free and reliable tool is used by business owners and individuals who want a 100% readable URL for their website.