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What is a Google Pagespeed insights checker?

Website owners spend most of their time making a responsive and user-friendly website. As we know that a slow website can kill the growth of your business, it is essential to increase it. Over the years, the use of mobile phones has grown exponentially. This has forced the website owners to make a mobile-friendly website. If you also want to increase the SEO score of your website, then you have to ensure that your website loads quickly. Our google pagespeed insights checker allows the users to know about their site performance within seconds. You don't have to go through a complex procedure to find out about the website speed. You only have to visit our website and start the analyzing process.

What is so special about our tool?

Our Google pagespeed insights checker helps users and SEO professionals find out how their website performs on computers and mobile phones. Apart from the page speed score, you will also get insights and hints to improve your website. You will get access to the complete performance analysis of your website. Different pagespeed scores define different performance levels. A performance score below 50 will be considered poor or slow. However, any score between 50 to 90 is regarded as average website speed. If you get a score above 90, it will be a high-performing website that is quicker to load and easy to access.

Our tool is unique because it analyzes the pagespeed and the hints and suggestions to improve the performance. It provides the best performance insights apart from that will help you increase your website's performance and efficiency. You won't find any other tool better than our page speed checker tool in the market.

Why do you need this tool?

A website needs continuous updates and analysis to perform well on the search engines. Without this, it is impossible to rank and keep on ranking on the search engines. This is where our Google pagespeed insights checker comes in handy. Our tool offers an easy and effective method to get insights into your webpage loading speed. The best thing about this page seed checker tool is that you don't have to follow many processes to gain insights related to the performance of your website. Here is how you can get insights within seconds on our tool using the following methods:

  • Visit our website to access our google page speed tool. 
  • Now you can copy the link of your website and paste it on our tool.
  • Now our tool will show you the results ranging from 0-100 score along with the hints and suggestions.
  • Analyze these hints to ensure that your website loads quickly.

Do you know what will happen if your website takes a lot of time to load? Your audience will jump to your competitor's website. Bounce rates will eventually increase if your website does not load quickly. That is why it is crucial to have a tool like ours to get insights into your website performance.