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About Page Size Checker

Webpage size checker tool is an effective SEO tool that helps check the URL's page size. If you want your website to load faster, you must know that the page size should be below 3MB. It is necessary to check the web page's size to ensure that the website is loading faster. The size of a web page is an integral aspect of its ranking. Manual checking of the size of a Webpage can become a bit complex and time-taking. However, our online Webpage checker tool makes the task easier and quicker. 

How Does a Webpage size checker tool work?

Webpage size checker tool is a free SEO tool developed by Seogyans. SEO experts use it to check the size of the Webpage. Here we need to know how the Webpage Size checker works by using the tool available on our website:

  • First, you need to open the Webpage size checker tool.
  • After opening this tool, enter the web addresses of the website. 
  • Paste the maximum number of links that you find challenging to load.
  • After clicking on continue to execute the process, wait for the results.
  • You can see check the size of the mentioned pages in both MB and KB.
  • You can check your webpage size and compare whether your website is faster or slower to load on different devices.
  • You can change the size of the website to increase or decrease the size of the Webpage.

Why do we need a Web Page Checker Tool?

The main concern about why we need a Webpage checker tool is the performance of a website. Your website size is more important than the content. There is vast competition in the online platform, and if you want to grow your business faster, the performance of your website is essential. With the help of the Webpage size checker tool, you will save more time, effort, and money because this is a free web page checker. Your overall SOE efforts will be wasted if your website does not load quickly. 

This free Webpage size checker is more beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase the website's performance and ranking. Once your Web page's size becomes compatible with the SEO requirements, your site will grow faster and have better quality and ranking of SEO. Make your website more user-friendly and responsive for your audience by using this great tool. Increase the ranking of your website by using a range of free SEO tools available on our website. 

How does Webpage size checker tool help businesses?

This page checker helps to calculate the page size of each domain. The advantage of the Page Checker Size Tool is that you can check pages size and make some modifications according to your needs that are easy for viewers. The main concern to create a website is a good business source that can help to interact with the users. The web page checker tool can make your website more attractive and effective by improving the SEO ranking. Visit to make your website SEO-friendly using our free SEO tools.