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Do you know the number of websites are there on the internet right now? Have you ever thought about where the internet saves the database of all these websites? A DNS is a domain name system that contains all the information of each website present on the internet. All the websites' domain names, along with their IP address, are stored in the database of the DNS. 

Whenever a user requests the internet to search for a particular website, the internet uses the databases of the DNS to fetch the website for the users. With the help of this amazing tool by seogyans, you can bring the DNS records of any website within seconds. Our find DNS records tool will allow you to gather the database of the domain servers you want within seconds.

Why use our tool for your SEO needs?

Now you must be wondering why do you need this free tool by seogyans? Web admins and SEO professionals require a database of websites for many requirements. If you are also looking for a website that can offer DNS records for free, visit You don't need to folllow any complex procedure for using our find DNS records tool. Go to our website and scroll down till the end to find the the icon of our tool. Here you will find an empty box in which you have to insert the URL of the website. Once you enter the website URL, you wish to see the database, and you can quickly get the results in seconds. Once you click on the submit button, you will get the results in front of you within seconds without paying anything.

This is when the need for our tool arises. When a website owner or SEO expert buys a website for their business, they need to find out their IP address and other significant data. You don't have to indulge inexpensive activities in finding out this data. Instead, visit and get the data for free.

Why do you need this tool by seogyans?

Getting the DNS records of your website is a necessary step for your website. You need the IP address of your website for many reasons. Suppose you have purchased a hosting service and want to know about the speed of hosting servers and their performance. Now, this find DNS record tool will allow you to get all the relevant details about your hosting service providers and your IP address. Your IP address can be required at any stage during your business. 

If you are an SEO expert, you will need to find the IP address during the many stages of your work. We have built this amazing tool for you that can fetch all the databases of your DNS records. Use our tool to get better information about your DNS records. You can also contact your hosting service providers if you get slow-speed hosting services. Improve the performance of your website with the help of these great tools by seogyans.