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What is an IP Address?

There is a database to keep records of all websites on the Internet. IP addresses distinguish one domain from another. Each domain is assigned a unique IP address. IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique addressing system used to identify all computers that use the Internet. When you connect to the Internet through any device; mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc., you will be identified by your IP address.
Without a unified addressing system, the operation and management of the Internet is almost impossible. Imagine living in an area without house numbers, street numbers or names. It is impossible to know where a person lives. The IP address has four digits.Each of them contains one to three numbers. Single Point '. ' divide each row of numbers. Each of the four numbers can be in the range of 0 to 255.
The IP address might look like this: This set of seemingly harmless numbers is the key to enabling users to send and receive data from other sites. the Internet. It is these numbers that ensure that we visit the correct website.The set of universal IP addresses, first established in 1983 and called IPV4, is rapidly disappearing. IPv6 addressing has been released for future domains, and both versions have been used.

The comparison between Static and Dynamic IP Address

There are two types of assigned IP addresses, called static and dynamic: static addresses never change; web hosting service providers purchase and use dynamic address pools; that is, if a user assigned a dynamic address disconnects the Internet line , The address will be assigned to another user. Static IP addresses will display information such as their continent, country, and region. The IP address may not display the correct information. This is because a company in South Asia may have a static IP address from a U.S. web hosting service provider. The IP address provides this information at the beginning of the IP search. There are static IP addresses, and some government agencies have static IP addresses.
A dynamic IP address is a set of interchangeable IP addresses.All ISPs have an address range and assign an IP address when users connect to the Internet. Sharing dynamic IP addresses is cheaper and more secure than static IP addresses. It is easier for hackers to crack static IP addresses, for example, the address of domain A will never change. If a hacker tries to crack a dynamic address, it may conflict with another domain that uses that IP address. If you move, you can take your laptop with you but you cannot transfer IP addresses.

Finding Domain to IP

There are many ways to find out your IP address or website address. You can use the "tracer" command or the "ping" command to find the IP address, but knowing the website's IP address will not do you any good. To get more information about the domain IP address, please visit in a search browser and find the domain in the IP symbol, or copy into the search bar of your browser. Show domain to IP tool. Enter the domain name for which you want to obtain an IP address, and click Submit. The application displays the domain name, IP address, country/region, and ISP. In addition to displaying the IP address, you can also learn the country/region where the IP address is located and the name of the web hosting provider that hosts the domain you host. They look for.This information is useful for identifying the actual service provider of your domain. You may have already purchased a web hosting provider in your region or country. However, your Internet service provider (ISP) may be a reseller of another Internet web hosting provider. Therefore, you can be a corporate home in Singapore, but your website can be hosted in Australia.The reason why a large number of hosting services are in the USA is that they can provide services. Cheap accommodation and your own level of service. In addition, their configuration is very large and well managed.