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About Domain Age Checker

Even the smallest "information" can keep you one step ahead of the competition. Of course, this requires important knowledge, such as being able to attract customers to your company in the best way. But it also contains basic details, such as the age of your URL domain. For this reason, we developed this free age checker for standard premium domains.

What do you understand of the term Domain Age?

Simply put, "domain age" refers to the age of the domain name. We can easily say, this is the era of domain names. A lot of your work gets sorted because of what domain name you choose. For example, if the domain name was registered in 2010, the domain name will be used for 10 years by 2020. The next question would be, What is a domain name? This is the URL of the website and also the address of from which Internet users can visit your website.

Domain Age Checker 

Domain Age Checker is a tool we mainly created to check the age of domain names on the Internet. It is by far the most powerful domain age checking tool you can find on the Internet because it loads important domain names.
Generally, other domain age checks usually display domain age in years. But the domain age checker is much more complicated. Our domain tool will not only display the age of your domain name, but also the exact time, date, month, and year the domain was created. 
But that's not all:
Our domain age checker magically shows you more detailed information about your domain, including: 

  • the date the domain was last updated.
  • Domain IP address expiration date (the IP address tells you who is currently hosting the website and the type of IP address they have)
  • The domain name server connects to the domain backlink to check the history of the domain name on, including previous items, layout, content, etc
  • Domain name registrar

This means that the tool can not only track the age of your domain name, but also can be used as a method to:

  • check the expiration date of the domain
  • check the domain IP address
  • web host checker
  • domain name server validator
  • domain registration Verifier. 

With this feature set, you can only agree that it is not a tool to check your average domain age, but a sophisticated domain name analyzer. Oh, we mentioned before, you can get all of this for $0. Yes, it is completely free. There are no hidden fees. There is no monthly payment. In fact, you can even use it without registering.

How to use Domain Age Checker from SEO Gyans?

Our domain age analyzer is very easy to use, and you might think once you have used it too! You can verify the domain name or perform multiple domain age checks.
The steps to use Domain Age Checker on our website are such:

  • On the page you are currently on (
  • Use http:// in the text field to enter your domain name.
  • After entering your domain name, click "Confirm Domain Name Age" to complete the request.

Our carefully constructed engine takes about a second to return results that usually look like the following:You can click "More" to view more detailed information. For example, if you click "Domain History", the engine will display the history of the domain. If a domain name was registered 15 years ago, used and thrown away for 5 years, and re-registered and active 3 years ago, history will tell everything. Now it can give you a good idea of ​​the age of the domain name and whether There are one or more previous owners. No other machine in the entire Internet is so complicated.