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About Broken Links Finder

Use our broken link finder to check how many web pages of your website are not functioning correctly. When a user clicks on a particular link, and the webpage shows an ERROR 404 message, the link will be called a broken link. There can be several reasons for broken links that are listed below:

  • The website you wish to visit is temporarily unavailable.
  • The webpage you click has been deleted.
  • The permalink of the website has been changed or modified.
  • A firewall and other software block the webpage.

Having broken links on your website can cause severe damage to the reputation and performance of the website. If you rely on your website primarily for your business needs, it is essential to remove them as quickly as possible. Those having online business must ensure that their customers are satisfied with the website and enjoy seamless navigation and user experience. Using a broken link checker tool will help you find whether your web pages work well or not.

Tips for using our broken link checker tool

Using our broken link finder tool is very easy. We offer completely free SEO tools for web admins to help them throughout their SEO journey. As your website gets more significant by the time, there will be more links added to it. With the large size of the website, there will be more critical responsibilities. You need to ensure that all the website links work correctly, leaving no space for errors and glitches for a better user experience. That is why we have built this fantastic tool for you. You don't need to have any particular skill set for using this tool.

You have to enter the URL you want to check your website on the box given on the tool's webpage. Now click on the submit button to know about the status of the website link. You will get the results within seconds on your screen without the need to pay anything.

Why do you need to check broken links on your website?

Broken links hamper user experience and affect your SEO score and reputation to the audience's eyes. Sometimes even the website owners have no idea that they have broken links on their website. When a user visits their website and finds that the web page is unavailable, they inform the website owners. It causes inconvenience to your users and makes an impression that the website owner is irresponsible and careless. Nowadays, users have the option to comment on social media pages of your website and google reviews. One bad review about your website performance can spoil your reputation to your customer's eyes.

That is why it is essential to keep checking your website for errors and glitches to ensure a healthy user experience. Many things are not in your control. But keeping track of the various factors of your website will ensure that it performs well and offers a great user experience. Use our broken link finder tool to get the best results.