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About Backlink Checker

In addition to content, backlinks are an essential pointer which makes up for your performance on search engine result pages. From this point alone, you can understand how important backlinks are and that you need to pay special attention to this aspect of SEO. 

Before you start diving any deeper, you must know what a backlink profile should be like. Confused? Wait up! We got your back. By backlink profile we mean you need to know where your backlink situation for the website stands and what next you want to do about it.  

SEO Gyans’ Backlink Checker tool

The tool is a free offering of our website for SEO enthusiasts to learn and create an analysis of their backlink profile. 

  • With the help of Backlink Checker, you can:
  • Look where your backlinks stemming from
  • Backlink analysis and thorough audit of the site
  • An extensive search in which content is doing well
  • What keywords are working the best and getting most backlinks to the site
  • You can also check for backlinks of competitors. 

What can be done with the Backlink checker tool?

Well, considering the fact that back link evaluation is included with Ahrefs to give the best-suited results, the tool does extra than simply displaying you a listing of your web page's backlinks.

  • It indicates to you the URL of the unique internet web page that is linking returned for your internet site.
  • It indicates to you the precise anchor textual content used withinside the hyperlink returned. 
  • It indicates to you the Ahref Domain Rating of the area linking returned for your web page. 
  • It indicates to you the Link Type (this is, whether or not it's miles Nofollow or Follow).
  • It indicates to you an alternative to test the Ahrefs URL Rating of the internet site this is linking returned.

To assist you similarly, our backlink checker tool indicates you a few extra applicable metrics including:

  • Ahref rank of your web page
  • Ahrefs DR rating of your web page (Domain Rating)
  • The general quantity of backlinks for your web page
  • The general quantity of referring domain names for your web page
  • Organic keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • The quantity of Dofollow hyperlinks in your web page
  • The quantity of Nofollow hyperlinks in your web page

Importance of backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are hyperlinks on different websites, pointing to your internet site. It's additionally known as inbound hyperlinks or incoming hyperlinks. Typically, the extra backlinks an internet site has, the higher the internet site will carry out on seek engine outcomes pages. Also, the better the nice of your back links, the better your possibilities of rating better. How? Google and a few different search engines like google like google and yahoo understand every back link as a kind of recommendation. So the better the quantity of backlinks (and their nice) pointing for your internet site, the extra relied on the search engines like google and yahoo will deem your web page to be. And ultimately, the higher your scores. So whilst constructing back links, do not consciousness handiest on the amount of hyperlinks. Instead, pass for QUALITY and RELEVANCE, too. Mostly goal web sites whose area authority are identical to or better than your web page's. (Use our loose area authority checker to test.) If your web page has masses of low-nice back links or spammy hyperlinks, your SERPs scores will suffer. In different words, it's miles higher to have 10 natural, awesome back links than to have a hundred low-nice ones. That's why you want to apply a back link checker tool to display and test your web page's backlinks and their value.