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About Robots.txt Generator

Robots.Txt generator tool helps you create a new or edit an existing file for your website. When a user makes a search request, the search engine sends crawlers to find the most relevant results. Search engines like Google send their crawler to your websites to search for the robots.txt file at the domain root. After that, the crawler looks for the list of directives to determine which files are blocked for crawling.

What is a Robots.txt file?

A robot.txt file is a file that contains information and instructions for the crawlers to crawler a website. Another term used for this file is Robot exclusion protocol. Websites use this file as a standard to tell the bots of search engines about the parts of the websites that need indexing. You can quickly tell the bots whether to crawl or not to crawl your website using this file. This helps you to stop the search engine bots from crawling duplicate or under-developed content.

What is the importance of the robots.txt file in SEO?

Search engine platforms use bots to look for the Robots.txt file in a website. Since search engines crawlers don't have much time to crawl each page of your website, they search for robots.txt files at first. If your website doesn't have a robots.txt file, then there are higher chances that your site will not get indexed. Our robots.txt generator tool will help you index your website by blocking the pages you don't want to crawl.

How to Use our tool?

There is no technical specialization required to use our robots.txt generator tool. Here is how you can use our tool:

Once you open our website, you will see a range of SEO tools options in front of you.

Click on the Robots.txt generator icon. Once you click on the icon, a list of options will appear in front of you to generate your robots.txt file.

From the list options, leave the first row as it carries default values.

The second row is about sitemaps. Make sure your website contains a sitemap.

The next option contains the search engine platforms. Here you can select whether you want specific search engines to crawl your website or not.

The last option is to restrict your website's areas where you don't want the crawlers to index. Mention the areas that you don't want the bots to crawl.

Why you must use our Robot. Txt generator tool?

If search engine crawlers find it difficult to crawl your website, the crawl speed will automatically reduce. Using our robots.txt generator tool will help you generate a standard robots file without any technical skills. We offer the most SEO-friendly and free robots.txt generator for users to use without any need for technical knowledge easily. No matter whether your website is built on a WordPress platform or any other CMS platform.

Our tools work well for all websites. Using our robots.txt generator tool is very simple. You need to copy and paste the domain URL in the top boxes available on the page. Click on the create robots.txt button, and you will get your desired results within seconds. You can download the robots.txt file for our site and upload it to the domain's root directory easily.